Angkor Wat Tour
Miss Nary and Mr Toot Master Chefs

We use the opportunity of the page "About Us" to thank all the people who make our happiness every day by coming to our restaurant.

My name is Toot, my wife's name is Nary, and we are the owners of this restaurant and have over 30 years of Experience as Master Chefs.

I was born in Kampot in 1966 where I grew until high school that I quit to become a freelance tour guide thanks to the little english I knew, until 1975.

Nary was also born in Kampot, was born in 1967 from an even poorer family of farmers, she could still attend elementary school and learnt cooking from her mother at the farm, until 1975.

In 1979 we both ended-up in Battambang where we painstakingly saved to open the restaurant Nary had dreamt of all her life.

We have now a decent income that allows us to send all our children to school and we hope to send them to Univesity in Phnom Penh someday.

So I can never express enough thanks to all our patrons because we owe you our happiness and the pride to provide our children with a better education than we had.

Toot and Nary.